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31 Halloween Jokes for Adults which might be Household Pleasant Too!

August 25, 2023
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When we were gathering our favorite Halloween Jokes for Kids, there were a few that went over the kids’ heads just a little bit. Those are the jokes and riddles that ended up on our list of Halloween Jokes for Adults!

We did keep this list family-friendly even though there are definitely some funny Halloween jokes that go in a different adult direction. So you’re safe sharing this jokes and riddles with the kids, even if they don’t quite catch the punch line!


Humor can go such a long way and one of my favorite things to do with the kids is laugh. A little laughter can make a not-so-great day into a better one and can even turn a good day into a fabulous one!

We also love the holidays around here and Halloween is the first one that really kicks it off in our house. So Halloween jokes and Halloween riddles have become part of our family tradition now that the kids love jokes.

Whether you share these with your kids or just amuse yourself, be sure to let us know which ones are your favorites!

How do you write a book about Halloween jokes for adults


Q: What do you call a dancing ghost?

A: Polka-haunt-us.

Q: What do you call a cheesy Halloween dance?

A: The muenster mash!

Q: When do ghouls and goblins cook their victims?

A: On Fry Day.

Q: How do you write a book about Halloween?

A: With a ghostwriter.

Q: Where does Count Dracula usually eat his lunch?

A: At the casketeria.

Q: Why do vampires need mouthwash?

A: They have bat breath.

Q: What is a vampire’s favorite holiday?

A: Fangsgiving.

Q: What did one ghost say to the other ghost?

A: “Do you believe in people?”

Q: What do you get when you cross Bambi with a ghost?

A: Bamboo.

Q: What’s a ghost’s favorite ride at the carnival?

A: The roller ghoster.

Q: When does a ghost have breakfast?

A: In the moaning.

Q: What do you call a ghost with a broken leg?

A: Hoblin’ Goblin.


Q: What is in a ghost’s nose?

A: Boogers.

Q: What do you call a little monsters parents?

A: Mummy and Deady.

Q: What did the skeleton say to the vampire?

A: You suck.

Q: What is a Skeleton’s favorite song?

A: Bad to the Bone.

Q: What did the witch do on her birthday?

A: She spellabrates.

Q: What’s a monster’s favorite bean?

A: A human bean.

Q: Do zombies eat popcorn with their fingers?

A: No, they eat the fingers separately.

Q: What do you call someone who puts poison in a person’s corn flakes?

A: A cereal killer.

Q: How does a witch tell time?

A: She looks at her witch watch.

Q: What did the Mommy ghost say to the baby ghost?

A: Don’t spook until you’re spoken to.

Q: What is a vampire’s favorite sport?

A: Casketball.

Q: What do birds give out on Halloween night?

A: Tweets.

Vampire's favorite ice cream - Funny Halloween Jokes for Adults

Q: What do Italians eat on Halloween?

A: Fettuccini Afraid-o.

Q: What do you give to a pumpkin trying to quit smoking?

A: A pumpkin patch.

Q: What is a vampire’s favorite ice cream flavor?

A: Veinilla.

Q: Why don’t mummies take vacations?

A: They’re afraid they’ll relax and unwind.

Q: What do you call a ghost on the ceiling?

A: High-spirited.

Q: What do sea monsters eat for lunch?

A: Fish and ships.

Q: What do female ghosts use to do their makeup?

A: Vanishing cream.

Halloween Jokes for Adults can be family friendly! These hilarious jokes are great for adults and for kids (the kids just might not get the punch line!)

Halloween Riddles for Adults Are Important (THERE’S PROOF!)

Although I work from home these days, I spent many years working with fellow teachers. It can be a stressful job for sure! Humor and jokes were always a great way for us to relax and let off a little steam.

I read this article about why telling jokes is a key to success at work and it made so much sense! We all deserve to laugh sometimes (as long as it’s appropriate, of course)!

This time of year telling some of these Halloween jokes for adults can help reduce stress, increase productivity, and really just makes us all feel a little bit better during a time when life can start to feel really chaotic!

Leave a comment telling me which one of these Halloween riddles for adults is your favorite!


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