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25 Should-Strive Washi Tape Concepts for Academics

August 29, 2020
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Do you use washi tape? This thin paper tape (similar to painter's tape but a thousand times better) comes in a variety of colors and patterns. It's easy to remove from most surfaces, so you can safely use it on almost anything. You can find washi tape at craft stores, bargain containers, and of course on Amazon. Teachers love to use this stuff in their classrooms, and we've rounded up all of their best washi tape ideas. Get ready to be inspired!

1. Put together a washi tape wall calendar

Create a wall calendar anywhere with washi tape and sticky notes. This is a clever way to take advantage of those hard-to-conquer cement walls.

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2. Adjust the pens (and a pencil cup).

A strip of washi tape wrapped around a pencil instantly makes it special! Tip: Add a layer of Mod Podge to give the tape a more durable finish.

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3. Beautify a notebook cover

Washi Tape Ideas Simply Kelly

Composition book covers have their own special charm, of course, but how cool is this colorful, bespoke version?

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4. Trace the lines before you write

Washi Tape Ideas IG

Give the little ones practice with patterns and fine motor skills by drawing some lines for them to follow or cover.

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5. Color code your class library

Washi Tape Ideas Round room

This is one of the more brilliant washi tape ideas we've seen. If your class library is divided by subject, add strips of color-coded tape to make it easy to put the books back.

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6. Add words to your washi tape

Here's a game changer! Add words to your washi tape by pressing on inkjet printed pages. Just imagine what you can do with it!

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7. Spice up your planner

Washi Tape Ideas The southern culture

Teacher planners are sacred and everyone has their best way to organize. Use washi tape to easily distinguish meetings, personal appointments, days off, and more.

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8. Make a washi tape line

Kids love washi tape ideas too! This fun little snake is a toy they will play with over and over again, and the color and pattern options are endless.

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9. Write the lines on the whiteboard

Washi Tape Ideas bored teachers

If you are teaching handwriting you will love this washi tape idea. Use this option to create lines on your whiteboard and add lines to the small whiteboards your students use.

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10. Brighten up your clipboards

Get inexpensive (but boring) clipboards from the dollar store and give them a glam makeover with washi tape! (You can probably find washi tape in the Dollar Store, too.)

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11. Organize cables and connectors

Washi Tape Ideas Cords

Do you have a mess of strings? Add washi tape flags to the ends and a coordinating strip of tape on the elements they are attached to. So easy and so helpful!

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12. Dress up your duplo blocks

This is one of those washi tape ideas that we're dying to try: wrap strips around duplo blocks. It's more fun to build and kids can work on matching blocks and create patterns too.

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13. Make a number line out of washi tape

Find washi tape with a large repeating pattern (hearts, dots, etc.) and use it to create a number line on a whiteboard. So much more fun than a simple string of numbers!

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14. Control the Chromebook mayhem

If your class uses tablets or Chromebooks, you need a good way to organize them and their chargers. Washi tape to the rescue!

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15. Cover a keyboard

You can just do this for fun, of course, but it's also a clever way to help kids learn to write by touch.

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16. Make cereal box organizers

Washi Tape Ideas A good thing

Can you believe these were cereal boxes before? Really! That is the magic of washi tape.

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17. Give your binder clips a little zing

In need of a last minute gift for a teacher, or just want to refresh your supplies? That is the answer.

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18. Design a racetrack

Washi tape ideas Le Jardin de Juliette

Which child doesn't want to play with it? The great thing is that the washi tape comes off easily and without leaving any residue, so you don't have to worry about damaging the floor or the paint.

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19. Make flowers out of pencils

Flower pens and pencils are a clever way to prevent kids from accidentally running away with your supplies. Washi tape is the perfect way to secure the stems in place.

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20. Make it easy to distinguish your keys

If you're like most teachers, you have a ring of keys to doors, closets, and more. Add a small piece of colorful tape to each so that it is easier to remember which is which.

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21. Create clothespin clip magnets

Washi Tape Ideas The Pin Junkie

You can find a variety of uses in the classroom. Don't be surprised if other teachers try to steal them!

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22. Change your laptop

Tired of your boring laptop? Dress it up with washi tape! What a fun way to show off your teaching personality.

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23. Turn paper clips into bookmarks

These little paper clip flags make great bookmarks. They are also a great way for children to mark important passages.

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24. Beautify the filing cabinets

Transform boring filing cabinets with a few strips of washi tape. The difference it makes is amazing!

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25. Mark the table zones

Give kids their own place at tables by using washi tape to mark departments. Try a themed ribbon and swap it out with the seasons!

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