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25 Methods to Say I Love you to your Partner

February 8, 2023
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Are you looking for a creative way to celebrate Valentines’ Day with your Spouse when you have kids? Here are 25 Ways to say “I Love You” to your husband this year with special gifts from the heart.

I’ve included a printable checklist of ideas to do for your Valentine.

A couple with hand sketch of heart shaped balloons to celebrate valentine's day together.

Truthfully…every day we all should try to find ways to show our love in our relationships but oftentimes life keeps us busy, jobs, houses and then we add children to the mix and it gets even busier.

However, it’s always important for us to stop and take inventory of ourselves and how we’ve shown our spouse how much we care.

I’ll never forget at Mom’s Night Out one evening we were all sitting and laughing at the table having a great time when all of a sudden the conversation got a little more serious. A couple that we were all friends with were going through a divorce and we all felt the shock and sadness of it, especially for their kids.  

As many of us began to open it we discovered there were a few moms who come from divorced families and they were trying their very best not to become a statistic.

One of the moms looked around at the table and said it straight out “Statistically half of us at this table will get divorced at some point in our lives.”

WHAT? I was shocked to hear this come out of her mouth but then the facts are there, she’s right.

Of course, when I got home that night I hugged my husband a little tighter and told him that I loved him.

25 Ways to Say I Love You to Your Hubby from the Educators' Spin On It

Print out your commitments and put them in a frame!

That night inspired me to come up with this little idea  A way for me to make sure I told him and showed him as much as I can that I loved him. I don’t want to become a statistic.

More importantly, I want my children to see how a marriage should be.

So I came up with some simple commitments I wanted to make to my husband. I have them in a frame on the wall as a visual reminder. It’s not a surprise but it’s a surprise when I’ll do them, keeps him on his toes!  

Once I finish a list I come up with other ideas for another list. Sometimes I even get my children involved. I think it’s important for our children to see that it does take work and effort to build a strong relationship with a spouse.

And let’s be honest after being married for 10 years it’s nice to have something to look forward too!

25 Ways to Say I Love You to Your Hubby from the Educators' Spin On It

25 Ways to Say “I Love You” to Your Spouse 

So here are “My Commitments to Our Love” Ideas.

Hope they inspire you to create your own for your spouse

My Commitments to Our Love

  • Cuddle while we watch a movie or tv
  • Surprise drop off of Starbucks at your office
  • Date night at home after I put the kids to bed early
  • Take the Trash out or do “your” chore that day
  • Tell you Thank you for taking care of me
  • Write little love notes for you to discover
  • Make your favorite meal for dinner
  • Play 21 questions to get to know you
  • Tell someone else something I like about you
  • Bring a plate of cookies to work to share
  • Make our house a bit cleaner than normal
  • Let you know at work I love you in a phone call
  • Do something extra special to greet you
  • Make you laugh to get rid of the stress
  • Walk closer to you than normal
  • Hold your eyes longer than normal while talking
  • Play “our song” to remind us of dating
  • Take a kissy picture together
  • Wake you up before the alarm goes off with kisses
  • Compliment you for getting a good deal
  • Go for a long walk together
  • Think of three reasons I am proud and let you know
  • Thank you for being a good example for our kids
  • Tell the kids something that you do that is special
  • Always kiss you goodnight

Because I Love You

Making a Valentine's Day Card with Picmonkey for your Husband.

As you can see they are simple ideas and I’m sure you have some ideas that are even more creative and personable to your spouse than mine.

I encourage you to share in the comments below what came to your mind. I think part of the challenge is having something that you know you’re kids will be reading too :).

Create a Personalized Valentine Photo Card for Your Spouse 

PicMonkey or Canva can be a fun way to make your commitments and even your own Valentine’s for your Husband too! These valentine card photos were both made with their FREE version.  

It’s a nice source if you don’t own typically do this type of stuff or own scrapbooking software.  

I think I’m going to make a few with my daughter for their Daddy & Big brother too this year too! 

Using Picmonkey to create a personalized Valentines Day Card for your Husband

Need Ideas for little Love Notes.. check out adorable ideas on Pinterest!

Are you ready to make your own Commitments to Love your Spouse?

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25 Ways to Say I Love You to your hubby

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