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10 TikToks to Make You Really feel Seen

March 31, 2023
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Calling all special education teachers! It can be easy to feel as though your voice is lost in the shuffle of day-to-day demands. Whether you’re managing complex IEPs or making sure that same Common Core lesson lands with every student—there’s no denying how hard you work for our students and their success.

But sometimes, all we need is a laugh (or maybe an uplifting cry) to make us feel “seen.” That’s why we rounded up 10 new TikTok videos meant just for special educators like you! Get ready—the best parts are coming right up.

What would we do without them?


#specialeducationteacher #teacherjokes #teacherproblems

♬ Worsaaaaa – ✨Kae Da Don✨

When you come into your classroom, you often face the challenge of maintaining order and a sense of calm despite the chaos that has ensued. Having amazing support staff is a GAME CHANGER. We just can’t live without them.

Who needs a new IEP writing tool?


Replying to @ford_ken Yup, sorta. I just think it’s only been around for about a week and it’s only going to get better. #iepmeetings #iepgoals #paperwork #middleschoolteacher #chatgpt #gamechanger #teachingenglish

♬ Inspirational Background Music ( warm, motivation, determined, cinematic ) – four_track

Writing an IEP can be an incredibly time-consuming and tedious task. When you’re having writer’s block, try out an artificial intelligence tool to help you out! Save yourself time and energy so you can focus on what matters most—teaching!

Student triggers …


We like to keep the peace over here😂♥️ #teachersoftiktok #teacherjokes #teacherlife

♬ original sound – Tracey Certisimo-Primak

No matter how daunting it may be to explain each student’s triggers to a new person, special education teachers make sure each young person is taken care of. You go above and beyond to make sure every student feels safe, secure, and understood.

Different types of classroom paraprofessionals …


Different types of paras in a special ed classroom. This is just for fun 🙃 Paras are an integral part of the classroom setting and help make the day fun and manageable. I have been so lucky to work with lots of different paras in my career and know they are an integral part of managing an amazing classroom. This is just a snapshot of some paras that I’ve worked with 😉 #specialeducation #specialeducationteacher #teachersoftiktok #specialedteachersoftiktok

♬ original sound – J & J Family

Paraprofessionals come in all shapes and sizes! Check out this special ed teacher’s take on the many different personalities they’ve encountered in their profession.

Another one?


Caseload is now at 68 students 🫠 #slp #slpsoftiktok #slpa #slp2b #speechpathologists #schoolslp #preschoolslp #iep #sped #specialsducation #ot #pt #bcba #schoolpsychologist #speechtherapy

♬ no – kenzie !! 🤍

Sometimes life as a special education teacher means dealing with the messiness of change. Here’s to embracing the chaos—and all of our students—every day.

They just don’t get paid enough.


Its okay if i get hurt hut but my aids!? No baby i NEED THEM #teacherjokes #specialeducationteacher #teacherlife

♬ original sound – Ka’lanii🥀🖤

“We’ve got your back!” Special education teachers are always looking to support their paraprofessionals during escalation situations.

De-escalate like a boss!


Love my job. Love theory of behavior. But damn it’s hard work !! #fyp #behaviorteacher #sel #NextLevelDish

♬ original sound – angelica

We know it’s not easy, not even after years and years of experience. Know your worth though, because no one can do it like you!

We’ve got a runner!


Don’t chase them, but also don’t let them out of your sight! I love the littles, but the runners be wearing me out. #principalsoftiktok #teachersoftiktok #principallife #counselorsoftiktok #edutok #behaviorteacher

♬ original sound – Colin French

Special education teachers often have to go above and beyond for their students. In this video, we follow a special ed teacher who calmly follows one of her students around the school after they flee the classroom. Watch as she offers gentle guidance and support, showing us all how it’s done!

There is always one …


Don’t come for mine❗️#fyp #fy #foryou #teacherlife #teachersbelike #teacher #teachertok #spedteacher #teachersoftiktok #elementary #teachersoftiktokfyp #teachers #elementaryschool #watchyourself

♬ original sound – user03685516037

We have a responsibility to set an example for our students and encourage them in their academic pursuits. If you can’t bring yourself to do that, then don’t be surprised when your students don’t take school seriously either.

Those dang walkie-talkie calls …


Some days just be like this… #behavior #sped #walkie #sel #fyp

♬ original sound – 💫

Last but not least … when you’re a special education teacher and can never escape the walkie-talkie calls!

Special education teachers take on a heavy load, often going above and beyond for their students. From de-escalating difficult situations to providing support for paraprofessionals, you do it all with grace and poise!

We appreciate the hard work of special education teachers everywhere—thank you for everything that you do! This TikTok roundup is just one small way we could recognize your efforts in making sure each student feels safe, secure, and understood. Keep up the amazing work!

Calling all special education teachers and paraprofessionals: What are your thoughts on some of these videos? Share in the comments below!

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