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❄ Spelling Phrases with the Schwa Sound Winter Exercise for Children

January 2, 2023
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What is the only speech sound that has it is own name? Well, it is the schwa sound. The schwa sound is a little tricky, and our struggling readers and spellers need extra practice. And that is why I created this spelling words with the schwa sound activity. This cute winter themed practice is perfect for first graders who are learning what is the schwa sound and need some extra exercises to practice. Simply print the FREE printable game and you are ready to play and learn!

The Schwa Sound

The schwa sound is when a vowel sound makes the /uh/ sound. Normally this happens on syllables that are unstressed. Though there are many different ways to teach this, one way to help children think about this is to tell them this little saying.

“If the long and short vowel sound doesn’t make a word, the vowel probably makes the schwa sound which is like a little burb…/uh/.

That helps with reading, but our little ones need lots of practice spelling these funny-sounding verbs. And this activity gives them lots of practice reading and spelling these schwa words.

What is the schwa sound

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schwa sound for kids

Spelling Words with the Schwa Sound

With just a little printing and cutting, this schwas spelling game will be ready to use. First, print off bump game boards and word lists. Then, laminate pages 3 and 4 or place them in dry erase marker ticket holder. Finally, gather up two different colored dry-erase markers and a die.

schwa sound

Schwa sound for kids

To play, the players take turns rolling the dice, reading the word that corresponds with that number, and they write that word on the paper.

For example, if the player rolls a one, then they would read the word “about”. Next, they would write the word “about” on the blue rectangle that has a one on it.

Each time a player roles they have the following options:

  1. Write the word on the empty rectangle.
  2. Erase their opponent’s word and write the word with their dry-erase marker.
  3. If they have already written the word, they may circle the word. Now it is secure. Their opponent can not erase it.
  4. Nothing!!! That spot has already been secured (has a circle around it) by either them or their opponent.

Once all rectangles have circles around them, the game is over. The person with the most secured words wins the game.

Enjoy reading and spelling these fun words.

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what is the schwa sound

uh Sound

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