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⛄ Snowman Smash Recreation - Educating Last Ending Sounds in Phrases

January 10, 2024
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Get ready to make working on final sounds in words fun with this free printable Snowman Smash Game! This educational winter activity is perfect for teaching ending sounds in words with kindergarten and first grade students. Simple print the phonics game and you are ready to play and learn!

Final Sounds in Words

As an elementary teacher, I’ve found that teaching ending sounds in words is a crucial step in developing strong phonemic awareness among young learners. Understanding final sounds helps children grasp the structure of words and improves their reading and spelling abilities.

Why use playdough activities?

Playdough activities are incredibly effective in engaging students while learning. They offer a multisensory experience that combines touch, sight, and sound, which aids in memory retention and understanding. When it comes to teaching ending sounds, using playdough adds a tactile element that reinforces the learning process.

Ending sounds in words

Ending sounds in words

How to use these snowman cards.

The Snowman Smash Game is a delightful activity that makes learning final sounds fun and interactive. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use these snowman cards effectively in the classroom:

  1. Introduction: Begin by introducing the snowman strips to the class. Explain the activity and the goal: to identify words on each snowball and emphasize their ending sounds.
  2. Materials: Ensure all materials are ready. You’ll need the snowman strips with ending sounds (M, N, D, and T) and white playdough.
  3. Game Play: Have each student pick a snowman strip. Then, they’ll examine each snowball, identify the word, say it aloud three times, and use the white playdough to smash on top of the snowball to signify the ending sound.
  4. Repetition: Encourage repetition of the word and its ending sound as they continue through the strip. Repetition reinforces understanding and memory retention.
  5. Completion: Once they’ve completed the entire strip, celebrate their accomplishment and encourage them to review the words and sounds they’ve practiced.

Teach ending sounds with this free Snowman Smash Game! This final sounds phonics activity is a fun winter activity for kindergarten & grade 1.

Ending sounds

More ways to practice ending sounds in class

  1. Word Hunts: Engage students in a scavenger hunt for words ending with specific sounds in books or around the classroom. This activity sharpens their observation skills.
  2. Ending Sound Sort: Provide a variety of picture cards and ask students to sort them based on their ending sounds. This hands-on activity encourages critical thinking.
  3. Interactive Games: Incorporate games like “Ending Sound Bingo” or “Ending Sound Memory Match” to make learning enjoyable while reinforcing their understanding of final sounds.
  4. Writing Practice: Encourage students to write short sentences or stories focusing on words with specific ending sounds. This integrates their knowledge into practical application.

Final Consonant

By incorporating these activities alongside the Snowman Smash Game, educators can create a well-rounded approach to teaching ending sounds. This variety keeps the learning process engaging and dynamic for students while solidifying their understanding of final sounds in words.


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Winter Printables

Teach ending sounds with this free Snowman Smash Game! This final sounds phonics activity is a fun winter activity for kindergarten & grade 1.

Snowman Printables

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